Discover the heritage of Central Brittany and Breton rural know-how by staying at Val de Landrouët. Being a Tourist Information Point in the region, the Val de Landrouet offers you a multitude of possibilities to discover the famous Brittany. We can cite: the forest of Brocéliande with the famous legend of Merlin the enchanter, the forest of Loudéac, the lake of Guerlédan, the museum of Louison Bobet for cycling enthusiasts….

Religious heritage:

Brittany is known for its religious buildings and central Brittany is no exception to this rule. Make the most of your stay in Val de Landrouët to discover little architectural gems far from the tourist bustle.

  • Saint Gal church in Langast 23 km away: One of the oldest churches in Brittany where you can admire medieval paintings dating from the 10th and 12th centuries
  • The Marian sanctuary of Querrien at La Prenessai, 21 km away, is the only authenticated place of apparition of the Virgin in Brittany by the Catholic Church. Do not hesitate to go there on August 15 to attend the traditional pardon.
  • The Quillio parish enclosure, 40 km away, is a typically Breton religious architectural ensemble made up of the church, a Calvary, an enclosing wall and a cemetery. You can also discover a miraculous fountain and a cromlec’h (sacred alignment of small monoliths dating from the Neolithic era) located nearby.
Megalithic sites:
For those who cannot imagine coming to Brittany without seeing a menhir but who do not wish to go as far as Carnac, several small megalithic sites are located a few kilometers from the Val de Landrouët:
  • La Pellionaie menhir in Gomené 6 km away, the base of this menhir is buried 3m deep.
  • Perfaux menhir in Saint Vran 10 km away, it is over 6m high and over 9m in circumference.
  • Covered walkway from L’Epine to Gouray 19 km away dedicated to Neolithic funerary worship. It is also called the Fairy Rock.
The know-how:
Traditional or more original, enthusiasts make you discover their world during a visit. Visits are often by appointment or at specific times, ask at reception!
  • Basketry workshop in Gomené 6 km away: culture and production of wicker. You also have the possibility of carrying out courses on reservation.
  • Snails from Fahelleau to Plémet at 16 km: paid visit to a small gray farm.
Local producers:
For the most gourmet, many local producers are nearby where you can buy delicacies or simply freshly harvested vegetables.
  • Cidrerie Barbé in Merdrignac (800m): you can find cider, honey, apple juice and many other local souvenirs at the craft shop.
  • Chèvrerie de la Vieux ville in Merdrignac (2 km): sale at the farm of goat cheese.
  • Honey farm in Le Gouray 19 km away: sale at the farm of honey, gingerbread.
  • Organic basket in Merdrignac: sale at the farm of organic vegetables as well as local organic grocery products.