Our eco-responsible commitment

The Val de Landrouet Holiday Village is located in a natural environment close to two fishing ponds and the V6 Brittany greenway,
surrounded by forests and 15 ha of greenery. It is only natural that we want to preserve these spaces.

Thus, the objectives of our environmental policy are to raise awareness our team and our customers operate eco-responsibly and opt for sustainable management.
This will allow us to guarantee an exemplary quality of reception by integrating ecological requirements.

We are committed to

  • Limit energy consumption and promote renewable energies
  • Optimize water consumption
  • Preserve our natural sites
  • Reduce food waste and the quantity of waste
  • Promote the use of ecological and labeled cleaning products
  • Encourage consumption of regional and local products
  • Promote the accessibility of offers to all audiences
  • Guarantee an authentic experience full of encounters and conviviality
  • Inform staff and vacationers about eco-friendly actions.

Anxious to have our approach recognized, we are committed to obtaining the European ecolabel
and we count on your collaboration to reduce our environmental impact.